Summer 2017 Update- All Members Please Read!

Summer 2017 is Here!
Hey all! Happy summer! Just wanted to give a little update as we gear up for a fun season! With summer comes LOTS of kids up here at the gym. As much as we love seeing your kids and we are happy to have them at the gym, we feel it is time to set a few “rules”. In the 9 years we’ve been open, we’ve been fortunate enough to not have any major accidents, but we feel with more kids around, the possibility for injuries is much higher than it used to be. We encourage you to bring your kids with you to the gym, but we are going to be strict this year about where they can be.
If you bring you kids to the gym, please have them in one of two places: a stroller or the break room (no office). We just can’t have kids running through the gym at any point during regular scheduled classes. If you feel like your child(ren) can’t remain in their stroller or in the break room, we do ask that you arrange different childcare for them while you work out. This is not because we don’t want kids around, but because we need to keep everyone SAFE! Summer classes tend to get crowded as it is, and we cannot risk anyone getting hurt. We will be enforcing this rule to protect all kids and also to give our members the peace of mind of completing a workout without having to worry about kids running between them as they workout.
In addition, we also ask that before and after class, please have your children stay off of the equipment and out of the chalk buckets. It isn’t safe for kids to play/climb on equipment, and we all know how John feels about cleaning up dumped chalk! ;) We love you guys and know you are going to be great about these new “rules”. Let’s all work together to keep our sweet kids safe!
CrossFit Kids Update!
This will be the last week (May 30- June 2) of CrossFit Kids for the Spring Semester. We plan to resume classes in the Fall, and will send out an email with the schedule closer to time. All payments will be placed on hold, and we will remove the hold in the Fall when we hear from you that you are ready to start back.
sherrySummer 2017 Update- All Members Please Read!