CFR 2016 Summer Nutrition Challenge

What: A 92 day nutrition challenge

When: Wednesday, June 1st through Sunday, August 31st

Why: To feel better, perform better and to understand nutrition is more than just eating healthy most of the time, but it is about lifestyle. How you eat, sleep, what you drink, how often you workout, your recovery; these are all important elements that contribute to the best lifestyle.

How: Establish baseline data, have weekly check ins to stay focused, keep track of nutrition and lifestyle in a notebook and then re-test the data at the end to see progress made.

Prizes! We will have 2 different awards at the end: One is the “All In” award – This will be given the the guy or girl that the coaches feel has been dedicated in all areas of the challenge, has participated fully and encouraged others along the way.  The second category is for the guy or girl who shows the greatest improvement according to the hydrostatic testing (body fat). To be eligible for any prize, you must provide a written testimonial about your 92 day experience.

***Prize will be either a reimbursement of your hydrostatic testing cost, or an $80 Lululemon gift card- winners get to choose!***


1- When you sign up, you will be given a notebook to keep track of all of your info and daily points. In this notebook, there will be rules laid out in detail, resources, recipes, and other little tid bits. It is important you sign up before May 31st so we will know exactly how many notebooks to make.

2- In your notebook, you will be keeping track of 5 things daily- food, water, exercise, sleep and recovery. We will base this off of a point system, and at the end of each week, you will be required to email with your total points for the week. Even if you don’t get many points, you must send the email by the deadline each week to be eligible to win.

3- FOOD- “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” That is CrossFit HQ’s definition of nutrition, so that will be our guidelines for the challenge. Eat real foods. Check out our CFR Nutrition Guidelines here for more detailed information.

4- Sleep, Water, Workout, Recovery- these 3 things will be included because they are part of a well balanced life.

*** This 3 month challenge is designed to help you create a long term healthy living plan. We expect you to have off days or off weeks (summer vacation!!), but we want you to be able to come home and get back on track. Maybe it will even encourage you to make healthier choices on vacation? Just a thought!

sherryCFR 2016 Summer Nutrition Challenge